O processo de seleção de palestras para a Linux Developer Conference Brazil foi finalizado e esta será a grade do evento que ocorrerá de 25 a 26 de Agosto:

  • Beautifying syscall args using kernel headers and eBPF in 'perf trace' -- Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
  • Bootstrap of the Debian ppc64el port: history, concepts, techniques, and  challenges -- Mauricio Faria de Oliveira
  • Constructing a virtual CPU from the ground up -- Eduardo Habkost
  • Da linuxdev-br ao GSoC: Displays Virtuais no Kernel -- Rodrigo Siqueira
  • Generic Pin Configuration - Pin Control Subsystem  -- Matheus Castello
  • Implementing Transactional Memory in Kernel space -- Breno Leitão
  • Introduction to MTD memory in Linux -- Ezequiel Garcia
  • Keeping the ABI [somewhat] sane -- Gabriel F. T. Gomes
  • Managing client's projects in open source and being profitable -- Alvaro Solivares
  • O modelo de desenvolvimento de drivers do kernel Linux -- Sergio Prado
  • Open Source Peer-to-Peer Cloud Software for Everyone --- Jon "maddog" Hall
  • Performance counters in htop 3.0 -- Hisham Muhammad
  • Porting Linux to an Embedded Platform without pain -- Fabio Estevam
  • Securing Software Updates for IoT devices with TUF and Uptane -- Ricardo Salveti
  • The danger of ring3 rootkits -- Fernando Mercês
  • Three tales of Free Software in my teaching at Unicamp -- Islene Calciolari Garcia
  • Who's afraid of Spectre & Meltdown? -- Alexandre Oliva

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